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What a wonderful Snellville Ladies’ Day we had on Saturday, November 6, 2010.  It was a full day of inspiration with beautiful singing, prayer and lessons.  Barbara Bramlett was our host and did a marvelous job.  Tami Heffington led us in our singing.  The songs chosen were so meaningful to the lessons given and hearing only women sing was quite beautiful.
Gina Toney opened our day with a fun ice breaker involving candy (we all love chocolate!). We were able to get to know each other a little better and start the day off great.
Loretta Pigg gave us our first lesson on “Despair, Hope and Rescue”.  She reminded us of the current story in the news of the miners trapped underground for months.  Loretta compared despair to the miners first knowing they were trapped and the wonder if they would live or die, hope to the miners when drilling reached them 2,050 feet below the earth, and rescue to when they finally reached the surface rejoicing because they knew their lives were sparred.  She also gave many personal stories in her life that showed us the same despair, hope and rescue.  Each time she mentioned how prayer can take us out of despair and give us hope.  She spoke that each and every time she went through a crisis, it would appear that there was not a good answer to the situation but she would pray and knew God could change anything.  Shortly after, prayers were answered and to everyone’s amazement, it would be good news.  Loretta knew it was God who had given these blessings.  Her stories were very moving.
Cheryl van den Meiracker spoke to us twice.  She is so gifted in her speaking ability and is wonderful to listen to.  The first lesson was called “Wake Up”.  It was a great lesson about living in the Land of the Doldrums.  In case you don’t know, the Land of the Doldrums is a place where one’s mind goes and stops thinking or does nothing.  Physically you are alive on the outside but inside you are literally lifeless, do nothing, not being active.  She then began to talk to us about the spiritual doldrums.  In Revelations 3:1-6, Jesus said to the church in Sardis, “you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.  Wake up”.  The spiritual doldrums is when someone looks like they are active on the outside (attends church services regularly), but really does very little to grow spiritually (does not have their heart and mind in the right place during worship, does not study the Bible outside of worship, or does not take part in the activities of the church).  Cheryl reminded us to remember God’s love and grace and that He has given us victory when we die.  We should read regularly so that we are reminded of what Jesus did for us and to pass this on to our children and to others that do not know Him.
Cheryl also spoke on how to “Do the Hard Things”.  Sometimes we have to step out on faith that God will get us through.  Cheryl compared the story of Moses in Exodus and how he was doubtful and gave excuses to God four times, but God answered him each time.  Moses believed God and did what he said even though he wasn’t comfortable with the situation.  Moses went on to do amazing things for God.  He even guided 2 to 3 million people out of the land of Egypt as God instructed him to do.  We all have abilities and talents that God has given us.  We should use these gifts to honor and serve Him so that others can see Christ through us.
Mary Snead spoke to us on “Doing the Best and Trusting God with the Rest”.  She is such a moving speaker.  This was her first time standing before a crowd, telling her story and wow was she fabulous!  Everyone was focused and engaged as she spoke.  Her story of spontaneity in making  her own life’s decisions, following her heart  and her looking back now knowing God was with her all along the way.  Very touching story and there was much to learn from her experiences.  Mary reminded us of the scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”, Philippians 4:13.
Well, it was a terrific day.  Lunch was fabulous as well and made by Moises Matos.  He is so talented as a Chef.  Our heart felt prayers were led by Delores Daye, Caroline Livsey and Tammy Casey.  Refreshments were hosted by Rosemary Lisby, Christi Romines and Brenda Thomas.
Thank you to Robin Vaughn for organizing the whole program.  I’m sure there were other behind the scene helpers, thank you as well.  Looking forward to next year already!