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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Winter Quarter 2016-2017

“Afterlife (and How We Should Live Now in View of it)” – taught by Monty Joseph (Auditorium)
Few of us spend much time probing God’s Word to discover what can be known about our existence beyond the grave.  Have you ever wondered what Heaven is really going to be like? Have you ever wondered what we will look like or what we will do? Have you pondered about the nature of our existence between death and the Final Judgment? Is there a difference between Hell and Hades? Ultimately what we believe about life after death affects how we live life before death.

 12-14-2016  Amazing Place ---
 12-28-2016  Heaven Help Us --- 
 01-04-2017  Who is Invited to the Wedding? ---
 01-11-2017  No Place Like Home ---
 01-18-2017  Heaven is for Real  Study Notes
 01-25-2017  Heaven on Earth  Study Notes
 02-01-2017  Are There Animals in Heaven? --- 
 02-08-2017  New Heaven and a New Earth ---
 02-15-2017  What Happens When We Die? ---
 02-22-2017  Things We'll Do in Heaven  ---
 03-01-2017  Concept of Eternal Rewards  ---