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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Food Pantry Ministry

The leadership at Snellville has kept the important Biblical charge of serving those in need at the forefront by having a Food Pantry available to our members and those in the community.  As the economy is changing we are finding that there are not only greater needs in the community but also now among our brethren.

The Food Pantry at Snellville is here to help those needing assistance with their basic needs of food.  We have always been blessed to have members who also feel the need to purchase extra each week to donate to the Pantry so that our members and those in the community don’t go hungry.

Members can contact the church office, or speak with any of the elders regarding their needs and arrange to meet one of our Pantry workers who will help them with their needs. At the present time we are blessed to be able to have our members come once a month if necessary.
In an effort to serve those in the community equally we allow non-members to contact the church office with their needs and size of their family.  Groceries are bagged and labeled for pickup on Thursdays.  We follow the same guidelines for Pantry usage as others in the community, and will provide those who are not part of the Snellville family 2 visits a year.  These requests will need to be scheduled through the church office.
If you encounter someone who is in need, please direct them to call the church office or speak with the elders to see if we can help.