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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Our Jail Ministry

The Church of Christ at Snellville practices the Great Commission via a number of ministries that reach out to our community. One such outreach is to the men and women in the Gwinnett County Detention Center. Most of these inmates are young, the average age being around twenty, and many of them are, for the first time, realizing where their life style is leading them.  They are looking for a “better way” and are, therefore, receptive to our teaching. 
A dedicated group of “church volunteers” from Snellville conduct Bible studies inside the center on Friday nights from 7:30-9:00. This group of individuals is trained to handle the situations in this rewarding ministry. Registration, clearance and orientation conducted by the Sheriff’s Department is required to participate in this ministry that is open to both men and women (both inmates and teachers are segregated by gender).  Inmates are encouraged to request prayers of the congregation; these requests range from favorable bond hearings and court appearances to family situations and sick family members to prayers for their forgiveness and strength to resist temptation and be spiritually faithful.  These prayer requests are typed and distributed in the Sunday school classes as well as being placed in the foyer.
Here are some photos of the facilities:


Outside the Detention Center



Citizens entrance to the Detention Center 


You don't want to enter through this door! 
We meet in the foyer
Main security slider double door
Hallway between housing units
One of twelve housing units
Inmates are allowed out of their cells for 4 hours per day