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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Shepherd Groups 

When our church family grew above the 500-member mark at Snellville, it became apparent to our leadership that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for each elder to become intimately involved in the lives of each individual member, and increasingly more likely that certain members might be overlooked.

While the eldership, as a whole, continues to exercise oversight for the entire congregation, the Shepherd Group idea was formulated in an effort to allow our elders to become more deeply involved with a smaller group of members, thus allowing them to perform their “shepherding” duties for our church family more effectively.  Our elders know they will be called to account for the souls that have been placed in their care.  It is a charge that they take very seriously.  And while there are many different ways to encourage growth and maturity in the faith, they have chosen to organize in this fashion to facilitate these objectives as well as to better ensure that individual member’s needs are monitored.

Shepherd Groups are smaller groups within the congregation that share similarities in the age and experiences they are enjoying in their lives.  Each group is overseen by a Shepherd / Elder and typically meets on Sunday mornings in a Bible class.  These groups meet the needs of the members in them and organize activities within their groups to promote relationships and fellowship.   In addition, these groups plan activities among each other to nurture the relationships between each group.

The elders of the Snellville congregation have decided, as a part of the new vision and mission, to restructure the Shepherd Groups to fit our members "life status" as opposed to where they live.  Based on this decision, we have come up with 4 new Shepherd Groups.  PLEASE NOTE.  THE GROUPS WE HAVE PUT YOU IN WERE NOTHING MORE THAN AN EDUCATED GUESS AS TO WHERE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WOULD FIT IN THE BEST.  We do not intend to assign members to groups, and want each family to decide for themselves which group best fits their families needs.  However, every member will need to be in a group.  So please feel free to choose the group you feel is best for you, if the one you were put in is not appropriate for where you fit.  If you do move to another group, please notify both the elder of the group you are leaving and the one you are moving to, which will save us the time of wondering why you aren't involved in your group. 


Young Professionals:  This group is compromised mostly of singles and college students in their 20’s.

Cornerstone:  This group will generally be made up of young adults that are out of college, newly married couples, and couples with young families that have kids younger than 3rd grade.

Foundations:  This group will generally be made of families with children ranging from 3rd grade through high school.

New Horizons:  This group will generally be made up of "empty nesters" and adults in their 40s and 50s.

Trailblazers:  This group will be generally made up of members in their 60s and older.

Below is a listing of the Shepherd Groups and their Shepherd.

Shepherd Group Shepherd
 Young Professionals  Ken Robinson
 Cornerstone  Scott Blair   
 Foundations  Eddie Warlick
 New Horizons  Ted van den Meiracker
 Trailblazers  Monty Joseph